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Vita Lenta

“Vita Lenta” is an exhibition where individuality co-exists with collectivity, generating a cohesive entity into the public space. The installation is a sensory and inclusive exhibition that will host 16 selected international designers, showcasing projects linked by the same design approach: a slow and well thought-through creative process.

Losing track of time is the central theme of Vita Lenta, from the selection of the projects on display to the way information are recorded. People can abstract their visit and the way they perceive the projects around them, enjoying the leisurely nature of the exhibition without any time limits. An opportunity to laze about and feed one's imagination.

The project consists of three types of structures, IMA, SHITEN and CHANOMA. 
IMA, Japanese for “room to be in”", represents the space dedicated to each designer and their own project. This structure is repeated sixteen times. Ima is a sharing space where one can deeply engage with the displayed artifact, it’s a space where the designer can welcome guests and where visitors can interact with the designer.
SHITEN, Japanese for “prospective”, these are two elements that propose new points of view, creating new perspective effects. Positioned between the IMA, they create visual alterations to the surrounding space.
CHANOMA, Japanese for “tea room”, is the central structure and represents the core of the project.

A space where the viewers enjoy their emotions reflected and interpreted by Homapal and X-KIN by FENIX materials.

Piazza Città di Lombardia,
Milan, Italy
07-12 June 2022
Opening Hours
10.00 - 20.00