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3 reasons to choose FENIX matt doors

3 reasons to choose FENIX matt doors

05 July 2023

As a powerful open system, FENIX provides innovative materials and interior solutions for residential and commercial projects. Within its extensive interior applications, FENIX® product range includes extremely matt doors that allow to divide spaces with pleasing aesthetics and functionality. Produced by Westag, FENIX DOORS represent a smart design choice, in their swing and sliding version, thanks to three main aspects. Discover them below. 

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  1. Give visual and physical comfort to your interiors 

During BAU 2023, Westag presented “A warm welcome”, the new collection of FENIX DOORS with 14 colours, including both solid and metallic tones. These swing doors present FENIX distinctive features of extremely matt and soft-touch, that make your environment visually and haptically pleasing. The defining opacity is extended to metallic colours as well, shaping a unique and deep design. Being also magnetic, the new FENIX DOORS collection is particularly comfortable and easy to use.  

  1. Enjoy the anti-fingerprint feature of FENIX sliding doors 

Whether at home or in a public space, sliding doors are rarely opened or closed by using the integrated handle. Often, hands are placed directly on the door’s surface and slide it through. Thanks to its proprietary technology, FENIX is anti-fingerprint: this feature makes doors, especially sliding ones, remarkably functional. In case of dirt or stains, you can follow simple but essential rules as displayed on FENIX cleaning page. 

  1. Create sustainable and durable design  

FENIX is a strong material designed to maintain its technological properties and elegant look over the years. FENIX DOORS are indeed durable furnishing elements which, thanks to their high resistance and quality, prevent the need of material’s replacement. This aspect is highly relevant in terms of sustainability, making these doors a conscious choice for your interior projects.