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Inbetween, design by 
Næssi Studio

Inbetween, designed by Næssi Studio, is a structure that has two sides, a threshold that serves two functions: to display and to contain. Created to exist within the walls of a home, Inbetween marks the transition between the entryway and the heart of a house, separating the outside from the privacy of the home.

“Inbetween is a threshold, an element that marks the transition between outside space and inside space, public space and intimate space,” say the designers of Naessi Studio. “It is a double-sided piece of furniture that inhabits the domestic space thanks to its two functions: on one side, an open storage unit facing the interior of the home, and on the other, a backdrop with a mirror directed at the entrance of the house.”

Inbetween, which evocates its deliberate positioning, is designed to have one side to store personal and private belongings of the home, and another to hold everything that comes from outside, thanks to special coat pegs. Inbetween features a simple frame structure made of linear elements connected on a tangent, which then have horizontal and vertical surfaces resting on them. The selection of materials, which has opposing aesthetics and textures, underlines the theme of duality: FENIX® Rosso Askja, an elegant matte shade, is juxtaposed with Homapal® Copper Stratos Diagonal, a multicoloured metallic surface.


Næssi is a design studio based in Rome and founded by Eleonora Carbone and Alessandro D’Angeli in 2020. The fluid nature of the studio allows Eleonora and Alessandro to explore the transversal connections of objects, concepts and spaces with a hybrid approach based on multidisciplinary research and their experience of manufacturing techniques. Næssi’s works are projects commissioned by brands and collectible design represented by galleries.