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Duo, design by 

A tension that results in perfect equilibrium: Duo, designed by Zanellato/Bortotto, is a double seat that can only be used in pairs. The project is inspired by and explores the many nuances of the relationship between two entities, particularly the professional bond between the two designers, which is consistently geared towards researching design solutions as a meeting point between the parties. Comparisons, imbalances and, ultimately, agreements are some of the stages in the creative process whose echoes can also be perceived in this FENIX® seating. Duo consists of two rocking chairs that support one another, only maintaining their balance when used by two people at once.

“Duo is a moment of balance between two poles,” say Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto. “Working as a pair demands a dialogue that allows to achieve a goal. Equally, this duality also helps to support one another, to remain in a constant balance in which the meeting point in between is always the solution. In much the same way, this seat only reaches its stability and comfort if used by two people at once.”

Duo consists of two rigid FENIX® shells held under tension by nautical rope stays. The structure of the seat itself, made of FENIX® Blu Shaba, is paired with Formica® Laminate F9229 Dark Sky Birchply for the base. In turn, both dialogue with the fabric and upholstered element of the rope and velvet cushions.


In 2013, after having completed their degrees at the IUAV University in Venice and the ECAL in Lausanne, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto founded the Zanellato/Bortotto studio, based in Treviso. In the same year, they presented their first project at the Salone Satellite in Milan. The collection, going by the name of “Acqua Alta," pays homage to Venice. This moment marked the beginning of their longstanding, constant research into the relationship between places and the passing of time, a connection analysed through the reinterpretation of traditional artisanal techniques. The studio’s works include product design, limited editions for galleries, art direction and interior design projects.