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1-2 many, design by 
studio mist-o

A series of sculptural volumes with geometric shapes, crafted through the regular repetition of a module created by subdividing FENIX® panels into small, 6mm-thick tile-like squares: studio mist-o presents the 1-2 many project

“We decided to interpret the concept of duality by starting from the single element accentuating how when taken individually it holds only limited significance, whereas its duplicating and multiplying lends it a fresh relevance,” say Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi. “These are sculptural objects which aim to highlight the material’s true beauty and versatility.”

1-2 many comprises three different volumes made of FENIX® Giallo Evora, Azzurro Naxos and Verde Kitami, interspaced with shiny metal joints, resulting in a series of single-colour volumes with different shapes and a multitude of uses. Indeed, whilst rooted in the concept of duality, the project naturally evolved into an exploration of multiplication. The individual element is multiplied, sparking new interactions and dimensions with the goal of highlighting the material’s innate versatility: the meanings and uses that FENIX® takes on in this project are many and varied, depending on the object that is created, resulting in a formal and decorative experimentation.

studio mist-o

mist-o is an Italian/Japanese design studio. Established in 2012 by Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani, is based in Tokyo and Milan. The studio works ranges from the design of furniture and small objects to spatial arrangements, from limited editions to industrial scale. Tommaso and Noa divide their lives between Japan and Italy working between the two countries. Even if their background is different, they found a common ground in the constant research to simplify the expression, combining a spontaneous approach with a rigorous and logic methodology. Amongst their clients are Arflex Japan, Cappellini, Ichendorf, Living Divani and Zanotta.