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Match, design by Martinelli Venezia

Match, a table designed by Martinelli Venezia, interprets the concept of the double through colour, functionality and irony. Its round shape and cylindrical base recall a classic dining table, whereas the central folding of the top transforms the object into a ping-pong table. This conveys the idea that diners may challenge each other to a game soon after a meal.

“When we were involved in the project - say Carolina Martinelli and Vittorio Venezia - our goal was to offer a new vision of this multi-feature material, and the theme of the curve seemed to us an interesting point of view. The two alternated colours we used to highlight the concept of duality, which is disclosed in the object in a game of dynamic contrasts: function/dysfunction, conviviality/rivalry and formal/informal.”

Match thus recalls both the idea of play and challenge, as well as the combination of colours and materials. The tabletop, together with the base and the rackets, alternate two different FENIX® colours - Bianco Malé and Rosso Namib. At the same time, the construction process of the object suggests different ways to combine FENIX® with materials such as wood and metal. The ping-pong 'net' was, in fact, created by making use of the characteristics of a multifaceted material such as FENIX®, which can be bended to create soft shapes.

Martinelli Venezia

MARTINELLI VENEZIA is a design studio based in Milan and Palermo, founded in 2015 by the architects Carolina Martinelli and Vittorio Venezia. The studio deals with furniture design, exhibition design, architecture and interior design, exploring issues concerning the relationship between tradition and local culture, the material properties and the technical possibilities of manufacturing processes. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums such as Musée du Louvre in Paris, MAXXI Rome and Triennale Design Museum in Milan. They collaborate with several Italian and international brands, including Alcantara, Colé Italian Design Label, DeCastelli, Falper, InternoItaliano, Jannelli & Volpi, Lithea, Luce5, Martinelli Luce, Meritalia, Mingardo, Moleskine, Premax, Slide.