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FENIX is part of a global group of companies and brands that is active in material technology for interior and exterior design. The group's objective is to reduce our environmental footprint. To do so, our impact is measure using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. Although we look broader than that, our main focus is on CO2 emissions and to become carbon neutral in the years that will follow as we did for FENIX® in 2021.
To continuously improve our carbon footprint, we work on a number of projects, which includes increasing the efficiency of production processes and find better alternatives for the resources we need. And we regularly monitor the progress on all projects. We are transparent about the results and we publish them in a yearly report, which is available online for everyone to read.
To summarize: We measure. We act. We monitor. We share.

FENIX is a durable material. its durability is an important quality that makes it especially attractive from an environmental point of view. Long life means less waste and a saving in resources.

Disposal and recycling
FENIX is a material classified as non-hazardous by Arpa Industriale. Disposal as a result of any processing must take place after assignment of the appropriate European Waste Code at the expenses of the user and treated in accordance with current legislation. Due attention must be taken to apply the correct CER Index and to follow the regulations on disposal when the material has been processed and used to create items and composites by customers/users.



FENIX NTM and FENIX NTA are certified according to:

- NSF (suitability for use as work and nonwork surfaces of food service equipment on which direct food contact during normal preparation or holding operations is not intended, expected, or reasonable)

- Greenguard GOLD and M1 according to Building Information Foundation RTS (FENIX as a product designed for use in indoor spaces meets strict chemical emissions limits)

- Regulation EU 10/2011 and following amendments under selected conditions (FENIX is a material suitable for contact with foodstuff).


FENIX NTM FR in 0.9 mm and FENIX NTA in 0.7mm are certified IMO MED (suitable for marine equipment).