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FENIX innovative materials
for interior design 

FENIX innovative materials
for interior design 

Introduced in 2013, FENIX® are the innovative materials created for interior design by Arpa Industriale. Thanks to their distinctive technological features and timeless elegance, FENIX provide technical and aesthetic answers to interior design trends.  

Stories coming from different sides of the world are the inspiration behind FENIX timeless palette. The surfaces are suitable for furnishing and interior fitting with vertical and horizontal applications. 

FENIX Colour Collection

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Rosso Namib0789
Viola Orissa0790
Giallo Evora0791
Blu Shaba0792
Grigio Aragona0793
Verde Kitami0794
Bianco Malé0029
Bianco Alaska0030
Bianco Kos0032
Castoro Ottawa0717
Grigio Londra0718
Beige Luxor0719
Nero Ingo0720
Grigio Bromo0724
Grigio Efeso0725
Beige Arizona0748
Cacao Orinoco0749
Verde Comodoro0750
Rosso Jaipur0751
Grigio Antrim0752
Blu Fes0754
Grigio Scari0756
Bianco Dover0757
Grigio Zante0766
Beige Colostrai0767
Grigio Stromboli0768
Rosso Askja0770
Azzurro Naxos0771
Giallo Kashmir0772
Verde Brac0773
Zinco Doha2628
Bronzo Doha 2629
Piombo Doha2630
Titanio Doha2638
Acciaio Hamilton5000
Argento Dukat 5001
Oro Cortez5003


Created with proprietary technologies, the external surface of FENIX is characterised by the use of next generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process. This makes you experience unique features. At first glance, the surfaces strike for their super-matt appearance. By touching them, you feel how pleasantly soft they are, with the further surprise of leaving no fingerprints. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.  

Low reflection

Low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface


Soft touch



Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches

When viewed under a microscope, you can see that the structure of FENIX is like a landscape with uneven peaks and valleys. When light waves hit the surface, the angle of incidence is not the same everywhere. Therefore, light reflects in different directions. This is what makes FENIX matt. 

FENIX Structure

Where you can use FENIX innovative materials? 

Thanks to their unique features, FENIX combines functionality and aesthetics making its surfaces suitable for different interior design creations. They are used for furnishing and interior fittings for residential, office, retail and hospitality spaces. Exhibition design, transportation and products of industrial design are also possible applications.  

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Visit FENIX Applications and Design Stories to find out more about projects made with the innovative materials

Applications & Design stories
Applications & Design stories

FENIX innovative materials are designed to beautifully and functionally works with different kinds of furnishing and interior fitting.

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The FENIX Brochure

All the need-to-know about FENIX are in our new brochure.

Technical documentation

All the technical information about FENIX in one website.

Colorimetric characterisation

Designing with FENIX using different lighting conditions? No problem, ask us for the Colorimetric characterisation.