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by Fabio Fantolino

by Fabio Fantolino

An installation dedicated to the design freedom that opens the way for creative expression. At FENIX Scenario, the architect and designer Fabio Fantolino has created interior “capsules”, starting from the materials. The innovative materials of Arpa, FENIX, Homapal and X-KIN thus represent the starting point, the narrative pretext from which various design ideas draw their origin and take shape to be released as evidence of contemporaneity. An encounter between innovation and experience, harmonious composition and attention to detail take takes here place.

One single colour/decor spreads out within an octagonal geometry and becomes a monochromatic aggregator to cross in order to discover new imaginaries.

Focusing on the kitchen environment, the architectural capsules show, stimulate and question the designer about the transformation of the surfaces into an intimate space, rich in details.

Project in collaboration with Musa.


Fabio Fantolino

Fabio Fantolino is a designer architect. He set up one office in 2001 in Turin and a second one in Milan in 2014. 

The projects range from architecture to interior design and from the residential to the services sector, venturing into product design in the last few years as designer or art director, embarking on a number of partnerships with major companies. 

The desire to design not only custom solutions for his own projects, but also objects that are able to potentially reach everyone, stems from the deep rooted and renowned culture of tailor-made design. All the projects have a strong identity, resulting from his creative sensitivity and vast culture and knowledge of international design. 

Over the years, the firm has balanced trend, design and technique, essential ingredients of architecture that are carefully measured out and mixed together to achieve exclusive and perfect results. 

None of Fabio’s projects is ever shouted, but always carefully calibrated between aesthetic appeal, customer requirements and his personal interpretation and design expertise

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