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The qualities of a material as innovative as FENIX NTM®, which are vital for the “Sense” product line, can be summarised in three main categories: aesthetics, durability and maintenance.

FENIX NTM is perfect for projects that require stylistic continuity with an integrated sink and a cabinet with tone-on-tone handles. Its matt surface makes it suitable for bathrooms where the piece of furniture will be under a window or exposed to very strong sources of light: there will be no reflection, even from the very lightest colour options. What’s more, it is anti-fingerprint and does not discolour over time.

Furniture made of FENIX NTM can be kept for longer without the need for any serious maintenance. The surfaces are thermally repairable from micro-scratches and highly resistant to scrapes, bumps, scratches and dry heat. Essential for hygiene: it is easy to clean (just use warm water and household detergents, see the cleaning instructions) and constantly maintains a high level of hygiene. It is also anti-mould and anti-static.

Integrated sink, and cabinet and handles in Nero Ingo, Beige Luxor and Blue Delft FENIX NTM.



Aqua’s design translates into bathroom décor projects characterised by a marked linearity and clean shapes: modernity and an unusual choice of materials (which are technical, innovative and original) allow them to create unique products with an unmistakable look. Follow the evolution of taste by proposing new concepts to furnish the spaces in the bathroom with a touch of personality.