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Arpa Industriale confirms its role as an innovator in the world of materials, introducing the new FENIX NTA, Nanotech Alloy: a material born of in-house technology and three years of research and development.

Presented at Interzum 2017, FENIX NTA is a super-matt smart material whose structure consists of a sheet of metal and that has all the properties of FENIX NTM. The outer part of the material is obtained through the application of a multi-layer coating and with the help of nanotechnology; it is also characterised by a surface treatment that uses next-generation acrylic resins that are hardened and fixed using a process known as Electron Beam Curing.

Thanks to its characteristics, FENIX NANOTECH ALLOY has a role as a revolutionary product in the field of materials for interior design: innovative, soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint with cutting-edge properties such as scratch resistance, low light reflection (excellent for visual comfort) and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches. It is also highly resistant to acids, solvents and domestic cleaning products.

FENIX NTA is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and technical performance. Its metallic component makes it an extremely elegant, timeless material. An ingredient that provides added value to both interior and industrial design projects. Perfect for both horizontal and vertical applications (kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, healthcare, hospitality, offices, transportation and lifts, to name but a few). Easy to work with and create trims for, this new addition to the FENIX family is ideal for projects that require a hard-wearing metallic materials that is not liable to corrode.