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During Milan Design Week 2017, the upper loggia of the Brera art gallery hosted Alchemyx, an exhibition meant to convey the essence of FENIX NTM, an innovative product that adds value to interior design projects. The icon of the jester, a symbol of creativity and lateral thinking, became the metaphor for FENIX NTM through an extra-large “game” of cards.

Alchemyx presented the graphic reinterpretations of seven iconic jokers, starting from ancient depictions that are preserved in the museum of Milan. Van Orton Design, a group of artists from Turin, reworked the cards with a pop theme, combining bright and lively hues with the new colours of FENIX NTM.

Each joker was printed using a sublimation technique on a 4-metre-high panel of FENIX NTM in Bianco Kos, making the colour contrast even more striking. The back of each card was transformed into the material basis for tables: elements of design brought to life with a nanotechnological material. The seven objects of design, the result of a partnership between FENIX NTM and big companies in the industry, were designed by De Padova, Fritz Hansen, Kristalia, Lapalma, Magis, MDF Italia and Pedrali.

 “The idea is to express the soul of FENIX NTM through the concept of alchemy, in the sense of a continuous process of research and innovation,” explains Van Orton Design. As such, Alchemyx presented FENIX NTM not just as a material, but as an open system capable of adding value to the world of interior design.

The installation was bolstered by the collaboration with strategic partners such as Sublitex (Gruppo Miroglio), who took care of the sublimation printing, architect and designer Lorenzo Palmeri, who designed “Navel”, the first electric guitar made of FENIX NTM, and Wood-Skin, who designed the booths for the lounge area and a system of acoustic modules, using Arpa’s nanotechnological material.

The Alchemyx experience concluded with a sequence of 15-metre-long Pedrali tables (6mm thick) where you could feel the essence of FENIX NTM with your own hands, experience its properties, discover the selection of 13 Solid colours with themed core, available in thicknesses of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm, and try out the many applications of a material created for timeless design.