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FENIX introduces its newest colours

As a result of an in-depth research on the evolution of interior design trends, FENIX® extends its chromatic selection by launching six brand-new FENIX NTM® Bloom colours that were first presented at SICAM 2022.
Enriching the signature palette while maintaining all the innovative material’s properties, these new entries enhance FENIX’s visual uniqueness and international appeal. Each extremely matt and accurately selected colour is born by visual inspirations and narratives coming from the whole globe.

Discover FENIX new colours one by one and see how they can create a refined contemporary design, elegantly matching with other materials and multiple interiors’ requirements.


Viola Orissa


Inspired by the Indian region where it is said that the aubergine was born, this FENIX colour gets out of the fruit’s typical tone an extremely matt appearance, adding a dark purple shade to the brand’s signature palette. Refined and intense, Viola Orissa gives surface design a deep and creative feel.

Blu Shaba


Blu Shaba, fitting in-between FENIX’s blue and green chromatic areas, covers interiors with a sense of calm and daydreaming. This colour was created evoking the charm of Chrysocolla, a malachite extracted in the region of Shaba in Congo and formed by a dream-like blend of blue and green nuances.

Rosso Namib


The red desert of Namibia is the landscape image behind the creation of Rosso Namib. Fascinated by the brick tones of this African area, FENIX introduces a linking-hue among its red and purple colours, which embraces interior spaces with a relaxing visual warmth. 

Verde Kitami


FENIX palette inspirations reach the peaks of Kitami in the Hokkaido region of Japan, a mountain range characterised by wide green stretches. Verde Kitami absorbs the essence of this scenario, identifying a colour that captures the freshness of grey and the purity of green portrayed by the mountains.

Giallo Evora


Strolling around the ancient city of Evora, the yellow view of its typical houses enchants the streets under the daylight. Giallo Evora picks the tone of these Portuguese architectures, giving it the contemporary design intensity of FENIX low light reflectivity.

Grigio Aragona


Grigio Aragona reminds the volcanic territory close to Agrigento in Sicily, where the reserves of Macalube di Aragona are characterised by mud spills. As a bridge between FENIX greys and browns, this tone elegantly suits the innovative material’s timeless aesthetic.

Discover FENIX new colours first hand

Book the sample of your favourite new FENIX colour and come to visit us in the Milanese showroom of FENIX Scenario to explore them all. Here you can best appreciate the new colours’ intense and innovative look combined with FENIX’s tactile uniqueness. For more information, please fill out the following form.