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The Wall of Wonders

FENIX presents X-KIN, the new wallcovering surface engineered for interior design. X-KIN is the main character of an immersive installation, the result of the collaboration between the artist Gustaf von Arbin and the designers CARA/DAVIDE, with the artistic direction of Motel409 and in collaboration with Musa. An “abstract” home, where every room tells a visual and acoustic story, animated by the everyday gestures that appear in the domestic spaces through shadows reflected on the walls. The wall, always considered as a contrasting element that unites and divides, protects and shapes, is also the place where we show what we love, our loved ones, our memories, our passions, the art we want to look at, the moments that represent us.

Casa Brera
Via Formentini, 10, Milan
06-12 June 2022
Opening Hours
10.30 - 19.30
Register for the event
Register for the event