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Deep cleaning

It doesn’t happen often, but if you have not regularly cleaned your FENIX surface correctly over time, dirt from multiple sources can build up inside the microstructure and cause it to change appearance.

If you are experiencing this issue, follow this guidance to clean your FENIX surface.

What you need
  • Warm water
  • A kitchen degreaser
  • A limescale removing cleaning liquid
  • A melamine sponge (also known as magic sponge)
  • Clean cloths

Watch the video and follow the steps described to bring your surface back to the cleanliness of day one.

Is your matt surface FENIX?

Before following these instructions, please verify whether your matt surface is FENIX. Be aware that not all matt surfaces that look similar have the same resistance to cleaning liquids. In case of doubt, the supplier of your piece of furniture will be able to clarify if it is FENIX.

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