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The project stems from the concept of BNBIZ, an original combination of hospitality and co-working. A series of spaces designed to satisfy, on the one hand, all the various needs of an office, and on the other, the requirements of a modern traveller.

The decision to use a material such as FENIX NTM® is due to its relationship with light: the furnishings that give life to the project have an absolutely extraordinary relationship with light. The reflection is neither too strong nor completely absent. There’s a softness that can only be characterised by this nanotechnological material.

Also, a combination between natural materials and FENIX NTM has been favoured. With the Oak, for example, we tried to frame FENIX NTM so as to highlight it and allow it to work with the light in an unexpected way. In the area devoted to the bedrooms, the choice of black stems from a desire to create a soft, nocturnal environment - something that can be a preamble to the entrance to the room itself, where other colour tones organise the space.

 Here, the stained Oak is juxtaposed with the high-tech effect of FENIX and the digital device inserted in the door.

“Nobody expects this surface to be so pleasant to the touch”, says Gio Tirotto, “it’s a surprise that really makes the guest feel comfortable”.

FENIX for BNBIZ Coworking Hotel
Ingo Black FENIX NTM for the doors to the bedrooms, which become Kos White on the inside.
London Grey FENIX NTM for the spaces devoted to co-working and Ingo Black for the refreshment area.

Gio Tirotto

Gio Tirotto

Gio Tirotto’s projects come from close observation of everything that surrounds him, both nature and objects. If there is a border between design and art, Gio tries to cross it and rework design with the complicity that exists between human behaviour and “things”. That is why he strongly believes that rituality, memory and imagination are often essential functions of an object.