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FENIX Doors by Westag

FENIX Doors by Westag

Apply beauty and technology to your doors. 

Among its variety of possible applications, FENIX is also suitable for door design. With the innovative materials, doors themselves become an experience: the extremely matt look and soft touch invite you to discover doors with all your senses.

Fenix doors collection

Grigio Londra
0718Grigio Londra
Nero Ingo
0720Nero Ingo
Grigio Bromo
0724Grigio Bromo
Grigio Efeso
0725Grigio Efeso
Verde Comodoro
0750Verde Comodoro
Rosso Jaipur
0751Rosso Jaipur
Grigio Antrim
0752Grigio Antrim
Blu Fes
0754Blu Fes
Bianco Dover
0757Bianco Dover
Viola Orissa
0790Viola Orissa
Verde Kitami
0794Verde Kitami
Acciaio Hamilton
5000Acciaio Hamilton
Argento Dukat
5001Argento Dukat
Oro Cortez
5003Oro Cortez

FENIX surfaces are employed for different and bespoke door systems in multiple interior projects. Our sister company, Westag, offers a collection of doors made of FENIX featuring the material’s proprietary technology. 

FENIX DOORS by Westag Türen show a range of matt, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint doors, in swing and sliding version. The collection includes a selection of FENIX colours. 

FENIX NTM colours give doors an elegant extremely matt appearance and strong design. With this chromatic offer, ProEdge is available providing a new impact-resistant yet visually appealing edge range. Robust and dirt resistant, this frame structure matches with all FENIX NTM colours of FENIX DOORS collection. Surface, edge and frame in the same colour make doors look as if they have been cast from a single mould.

FENIX NTA selection is made with empowered metallic surfaces. Maintaining matt look and robustness, they impress with FENIX properties also on metallic doors. With a colour matching frame, the different metallic doors become refined design objects.

By being soft-touch, anti-fingerprint and also providing the possibility of thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches, all FENIX DOORS prove that functionality and aesthetics can be pleasantly combined in everyday-use door applications.

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