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The team has a strong history in cycling. After the start-up in 2009, there has been a continuous growth. In the early years, off-road was the main activity, with road racing on a secondary level. In recent years, there is a balance in road and off-road.

From this set-up, a unique concept was born. It’s the only team racing and winning races on the highest level in three disciplines, with both female and male riders. 2019 led  to World Cup wins in mountainbike (Mathieu Van Der Poel and Ronja Eibl), cyclocross (Mathieu Van Der Poel and Ceylin Alvarado) and in World Tour on the road, with the Men elite world championship in cyclocross and the Amstel Gold Race victory on the road as the absolute highlights.

The 2019 ‘grand cru’ has led to even greater ambitions and the team will again have a consistent growth. Therefore the support of premium partners is a must. Next to the German brands Alpecin and Canyon, FENIX® will become a fundamental partner of the team on its way to success.

Because of FENIX’s worldwide reach and excellent product, the match with the team is perfect. ALPECIN-FENIX as the team is officially called, will be racing all over the globe, mainly in Europe but also in Asia and the U.S. The activity will be spread over twelve months and three disciplines.

With FENIX, the team shares the ambition to have an international impact, not forgetting the importance and specificities of the local markets. The group of riders counts twelve nationalities which will lead to a global impact with local accents.

FENIX will work to give the team the support they need to take the next steps in there process.

Integrity, responsibility, transparency are our behavioral guidelines: fundamental values of FENIX that are not only integral to sport but relevant in everyday life.

Safety, sustainability, innovation are key elements in our production processes and our products. They are  foundations that are perfectly summed up in FENIX materials: the smart surface of FENIX with the innovative features; their more natural core, thanks to the use of lignin in the formulation of thermosetting resins, represents not only a more sustainable choice, but at the same time a significant technical innovation.

FENIX materials are an ingredient brand: an open design system, harmonious synthesis between a stylistic colour choice, unique proprietary technology and a business model focused on value creation. We have achieved these goals also thank to passion and teamwork: just like a sports team!