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Removing stains

Removing stains

In the everyday use of FENIX, the material is in contact with different substances that may leave stains. Below you can find guidelines to remove the most common ones


Is your matt surface FENIX?

Before following these instructions, please verify whether your matt surface is FENIX. Be aware that not all matt surfaces that look similar have the same resistance to cleaning liquids. In case of doubt, the supplier of your piece of furniture will be able to clarify if it is FENIX.


Coffee Stain

If you spilled coffee on your FENIX surface, absorb the stain, use a kitchen degreaser, rinse thoroughly with water.

Sugar Syrups

Did your poured syrup on a FENIX matt surface? Watch this short video to learn how to clean it properly.

Soft drinks stain

Here are four steps for cleaning a soft drink stain on your FENIX matt surface.

Oil stain

Was an oil stain left behind after cooking? See here how to clean your FENIX matt surface.

Tomato sauce stain 

If tomato sauce is spilled on your FENIX matt surface, start by absorbing it with a paper towel.

Shoe polish stain

Did you accidentally stain your FENIX matt surface with shoe polish? Discover the best way to remove it.

Wine stain 

Absorb the wine stain from your FENIX matt surface, clean with kitchen degreaser, rinse thoroughly, and dry.

Lipstick stain 

To remove the stain from FENIX matt surface, get make-up remover and watch this video before you start cleaning.

Sauce stain 

Is there sauce on your FENIX matt surface? With a few quick steps you can clean it properly.


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