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Milano Design Week 2024 
Design Duo Double Feature

Milano Design Week 2024 
Design Duo Double Feature

For Milan Design Week 2024, FENIX® - together with the Broadview Holding brands: Arpa®, Formica® and Homapal® - presents the Design Duo Double Feature project, curated by Federica Sala and hosted within the spaces of FENIX Scenario, Foro Buonaparte 66.

Milano Design Week 
16 – 21 April 2024  

The exhibition will be visibile until the 24th of May 2024

FENIX Scenario
Foro Buonaparte, 66
20121 Milan

Design Duo Double Feature is an exploration work that researches the multipotential of materials and surfaces starting from the concept of the duo: six pairs of designers have been invited to design furnishing elements with a dual use, created by combining FENIX® materials with the group's other brands. The products will also be presented within the context of a set-up created by the design duo Studioboom.

"I have always been fascinated by how, in architecture and design to a greater extent than in other disciplines, a number of creative duos are active," says curator Federica Sala. "A creative couple, whether their relationship is purely professional or also extends to their private life, have to perfect the difficult art of dialogue and mediation in order to successfully combine the input of two different minds in a single design solution. To illustrate the exceptional versatility of FENIX, either alone or in combination with other materials, we decided to multiply the number of minds involved in the project to encourage lateral thinking and, consequently, double projects: in form, function, transformation…"

Selected by curator Federica Sala, CARA \ DAVIDE, DWA Design Studio, Martinelli Venezia, Næssi Studio, mist-o and Zanellato/Bortotto will give life to objects that explore new multifaceted functions, juggling transformability, mobility, sustainability, and versatility.

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Photo by Claudia Zalla


Federica Sala is an independent curator and design advisor. She has been formed in the design department of Centre Pompidou. She collaborated with Fabrica, miart, 5VIE Art+Design, Airbnb, Vogue Italia, Cassina, Buccellati... In 2018 she curated, with Patricia Urquiola, the exhibition A Castiglioni at Triennale di Milano and she’s been part of the curatorial team for the newborn ADI Design Museum with the exhibition about Giulio Castelli. She has an ongoing collaboration with Rizzoli International and since July 2023 she’s the Editor-in-chief of The Good Life Italia, a magazine about business&lifestyle.

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Studioboom is an Architecture firm based in Milan, born from an idea of Fabrizio Piras and Flaminia Ratto. They work in different branches of Architecture and Design: new constructions, renovations, design of luxury retail spaces, set design and fashion show setups. They coordinate international and local high level professional figures in the management of each project. The firm nourish itself with a continuous exchange of views between people with different backgrounds and cultures, setting this diversity as the basis for their research. Studioboom aims to absorb different influences from distant semantic spheres and translate them into unique technical solutions specifically tailored for each project.

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AMBO, design by CARA \ DAVIDE

CARA \ DAVIDE designed Ambo, a project exploring the concepts of union and of individual, embodying both togetherness and solitude. Ambo is a seat made by joining two chairs which fit together perfectly, resulting in a unified yet modular furniture piece. The product of this connection is a system which functions both as a single object, with the seatings joined, and as a pair of separate seats. 

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THEIA, design by DWA Design Studio

Inspired by the Greek myth of the goddess of light, Theia is designed to hold and display precious objects thanks to its distinctive welcoming shape. The object, designed by DWA Design Studio, is a floor lamp and, at the same time, a storage unit which plays its dual role with theatrical elegance.

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MATCH, design by Martinelli Venezia

Match, a table designed by Martinelli Venezia, interprets the concept of the double through colour, functionality and irony. Its round shape and cylindrical base recall a classic dining table, whereas the central folding of the top transforms the object into a ping-pong table. This conveys the idea that diners may challenge each other to a game soon after a meal.

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INBETWEEN, design by Næssi Studio

Inbetween, designed by Næssi Studio, is a structure that has two sides, a threshold that serves two functions: to display and to contain. Created to exist within the walls of a home, Inbetween marks the transition between the entryway and the heart of a house, separating the outside from the privacy of the home.

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1-2 MANY, design by studio mist-o

A series of sculptural volumes with geometric shapes, crafted through the regular repetition of a module created by subdividing FENIX® panels into small, 6mm-thick tile-like squares: studio mist-o presents the 1-2 many project.

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DUO, design by Zanellato/Bortotto

A tension that results in perfect equilibrium: Duo, designed by Zanellato/Bortotto, is a double seat that can only be used in pairs. The project is inspired by and explores the many nuances of the relationship between two entities, particularly the professional bond between the two designers, which is consistently geared towards researching design solutions as a meeting point between the parties. Comparisons, imbalances and, ultimately, agreements are some of the stages in the creative process whose echoes can also be perceived in this FENIX® seating. Duo consists of two rocking chairs that support one another, only maintaining their balance when used by two people at once.

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