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MODOO Living Area

MODOO Living Area

A young couple who are passionate about contemporary art, fashion and design decided to enhance their spacious living area with a few carefully handpicked yet striking furnishings.

“Allowing the huge variety of colour choices offered by FENIX and Arpa to inspire their creativity, a young couple from Bergamo found with our help the tones and combinations that best reflect who they are.” Davide Defendi, designer and co-founder of the Modoo design agency, talks about the transformation of a large living area that combines a relaxation space with a kitchen thanks to a careful eye for detail and harmonious colour pairings. 

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A central round table, specially designed by Modoo, splits the space in two creating aesthetic alignments. The colours of the black iron base and green marble top are echoed through the extremely matte tones of the large kitchen behind it and made with FENIX. A spacious and functional design that pairs the cooking and washing areas in FENIX NTM Verde Comodoro - featuring a worktop in Arpa’s Pulpis Dark recalling the veins in the marble table top - with kitchen cabinets in FENIX NTM Nero Ingo. This dialogue between colours spreads from the two-tone kitchen, -which gives the space a sense of velvety comfort, and the dining chairs that are also matte green.

The visual softness of the FENIX kitchen allows the creation of a complementary space on the other side of the table: a relaxation area decked out in pop shades, accentuated by an eye-catching iridescent element. Juxtaposed with the sofa and its blue and yellow cushions, a storage unit designed by Modoo features the distinctive Brown Shot décor by Arpa. When entering the room, the natural light highlights the various colour effects of the storage unit on one side, and the low reflectivity of FENIX on the other. 

According to Defendi ,  the allure of FENIX also lies in how its tones subtly change depending on the light. “FENIX surfaces not only have a wonderful matte aspect which avoids disturbances from nearby light sources, but also have the charming quality of changing based on the amount of light in the space. In particular, Verde Comodoro appears almost grey in low light, while it showcases every one of its green hues when in sunlight.” 

In this living area, the couple’s passion for contemporary art, fashion and design is wonderfully expressed in a stimulating project where a variety of intriguing light effects are harmoniously tied together by the “chameleonic silence” of FENIX innovative materials. 


In 2011, after graduating from ISAD in Milan, Davide Defendi opened Modoo, an interior design studio and concept store, together with Roberta Rovaris. Fascinated by the small furniture shops that in those years were opening in Northern Europe, he decided to combine the taste of Italian design with Scandinavian accessories, addressing a young clientele attentive to the market trends. Since then, Modoo’s research has been aimed to the simplification of design, using few materials and textures for each project and making them the absolute protagonists of the space. In 2017, Defendi and Rovaris created their showroom house by including furnishings designed by them and produced as one-of-a-kind pieces.

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