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“ANAMORPHIX” is the title of the event created for this edition of Milano Design Week. FENIX NanoTech materials - synthesis between technology and style - interpret, with their smart features, material experiences designed for new and future interiors scenarios. An immersive installation inspired by anamorphic art and curated by ArpaLab in collaboration with Truly Urban Artists from Turin. New colours of FENIX NTA will be unveiled. Visitors could also learn more about the technological contents of the materials playing with an interactive desk. A selection of material moodboards, exclusively developed by Digital Design, reveals the new interiors trends for 2020. A special “FENIX tour” reserved to Arpa’s customers/opinion leaders has been organized to “touch” important FENIX projects located in downtown Milano.

“Anamorphosis” is a projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point (or both) to reconstitute the image. Not all materials are the same even though they may sometimes look similar. Only by observing with depht and attention the technical, the aesthetic, typological and performance aspects of FENIX, it is possible to fully understand its uniqueness. The art installation displays a creative combination of solid shapes made of FENIX: pinnacles, multilayers coating, and spheres. These are 3D elements that esthetically recall the material view under the microscope. The image of "FENIX essence” is revealed to visitors only from a specific point of view in the space. Guests can walk through the work created by Truly Urban Artists, surrounded by music, enter and touch the material. The installation becomes a perfect set to take pictures of different surprising perspectives.

Truly’s anamorphic artwork slowly takes shape from the first encounter between its founders, all graffiti artists active since the late 90’s. The collective now focuses fully on figurative and abstract anamorphic art, a technique known since the early Renaissance. Using perspective, this practice generates surreal 3D images, which merge with the surrounding environment.

“ANAMORPHIX” installation is part of the educational program by Infoprogetto for all the Milano Design Week 2018. Architects that will attend the FENIX educational visit in via Brera 16, will have 3 CPDs (Continuing Professional Development).


“ANAMORPHIX” by FENIX a project by ArpaLab
Art installation by Truly Urban Artists
Interiors trends moodboard by Digital Design
Graphic concept by Van Orton Design
Venue @ Brera Design District
Galleria “Il Castello” (Arte Moderna e Contemporanea)
Via Brera, 16 - Milano
Opening hours
17 - 22 April
10.00 - 20.00


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